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Wolseley Trust Review 2015

Wolseley Trust is a Community Economic Development Trust dedicated to improving life for the people of North Prospect, Stoke, Ham, Keyham and Ford in Plymouth. 

The grass-roots organisations we support and work closely with help the local people we serve overcome deprivation, social exclusion and mental-health issues to give them a chance of reaching their full potential. 

Thanks to our major partner and supporter, Plymouth City Council, we have an 11-year track record of developing and managing business parks and community facilities worth more than £10 million, and we use the trading surplus that generates to give grants and further our work in the community. 

Our aim is to help bring genuine lifestyle improvements to everyone in the community, in the form of jobs, health, wealth and business opportunities. 

And we couldn’t do any of that without you.

To read the full review please download by clicking the image below.


Document is 5MB in size and will require a PDF reader to view, which can be downloaded here.

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