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The over-riding priority for the W.C.E.D.T. is to create employment and business opportunities for people living in the Plymouth wards of Ham, Stoke, Keyham and Trelawney and to provide facilities which will benefit the local community.

Free on site business advice and support will be available from WCEDT staff and other agencies.

The criteria for the letting of business units will therefore take into account the following points:

  • Preference will be shown to businesses from the four local Plymouth wards of Ham, Stoke, Keyham and Trelawney, which can demostrate employment opportunities, both actual and potential, and business opportunities for local people, particularly those currently unemployed.
  • Businesses, both existing and new, from outside the named wards, must clearly demonstrate their commitment to actual or potential employment of local people.
  • All applications from new and exisiting businesses will be assessed for viability by consideration of satisfactory business plans, trading records and reputation by the W.C.E.D.T. References will be sought.
  • Applications are welcomed from businesses which demonstrate that they are likely to be complementary or valuable to the development of the site and the area.
  • Applications are also welcomed from community businesses, particularly those enhancing the work of the W.C.E.D.T. The usual assessments of viability will apply.
  • Businesses need to meet planning considerations i.e.B1 and B2 use classes.Any requirements for Special Licences i.e.Health & Safety, must be dealt with and in place prior to occupation.

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